GOT7 Is Back with Breath of Love : Last Piece and We Are Here For It

by | Dec 20, 2020 | Korea, Music | 0 comments

GOT7 came back with a new album “Breath of Love : Last Piece” and I’ve been binge listening to it for the past weeks. I thought I’d give you a ranking of my favourite songs so you’d fully appreciate their talent!

1. Breath

This song was released before the album came out and is so CATCHY! It was written by Youngjae (the guy whistling through the song) and the MV is just perfect. The guys seem to really enjoy themselves, which I love!

2. Last Piece

This song is a bit darker (we love a dark GOT7, whaddup You Calling my Name). This is written by our leader JB, who has gifted us with so many amazing songs over the years : Page, Thursday , You Are… The vocals are ON point and I love the MV.

3. Wave

I love ballads and this was written by Jinyoung. It is full of FEELINGS, just listen and weep.

4. Thank You, Sorry

Smooth AF, written by our evil maknae Yugyeom. I appreciate it.

5. Special

Frankly I’m amazed at how Jackson can bring such different “colours” than from his solo album. I dare you to not get the “Baby you’re special” in your head.

Overall I love their album, as per usual and I’m looking forward to more Jinyoung fancam


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